Dr. Rodrigue MortelDr. Rodrigue Mortel, author of “Go, and Do the Same: Schooling a New Generation for Haiti.”

After graduating from medical school in Haiti, Dr. Mortel received training in ob-gyn at Hahnemann Medical College and in gynecologic oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He then joined the Penn State College of Medicine, became full professor and chairman of the Department of Ob-Gyn. Before retirement, he served as Associate Dean and Founding Director of the Penn State University Cancer Center. Besides his medical career, Mortel is a Deacon in the Catholic Church and has established two charities to serve the poor of his native country, the Mortel Family Charitable Foundation & the Mortel High Hopes for Haiti Foundation.

Wish to DieRobert WaltonRobert Walton grew up in the small village of Narberth along the main line of Philadelphia. Bob is the creator and owner – retired – of the award winning Bob’s Bagels in Lemoyne Pennsylvania.
He writes in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife and daughter, and grand-dog. Wish to Die is his third Harry Thursday novel which explores the lost Russian Amber Room, and delves into stolen Nazi art. His next project will probably follow a sixth century priest returning from Rome to his English estate in Mercia, only to be swept into a journey far into the unknown lands of the frozen north, in a pre-Viking adventure.

Ghosts of GettysburgMark NesbittMark Nesbitt was a National Park Service Ranger/Historian for five years at Gettysburg before starting his own research and writing company. He has authored over twenty books spanning the paranormal, history, and true crime genres. Stories from his national award winning Ghosts of Gettysburg have been seen on The History Channel, A&E, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, Unsolved Mysteries, and numerous regional television shows and heard on Coast to Coast AM, and regional radio. In 1994, he created the commercially successful Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours.

Jeanne MoranJeanne Moran
In my career as a pediatric physical therapist, I helped hundreds of children gain strength and motor skills. That left me spare time (ha!) to teach Sunday School, direct an afterschool program, organize an international student-athlete exchange, and plan a new community playground. Along the way, I learned a bit about tang soo do and sudoku, tap dancing and German, whole foods cooking and the joy of selling on eBay. Anything to avoid cleaning!
I write fiction and creative non-fiction for young and young-minded readers surrounded inspirational quotes, vinyl records, countless books, and innumerable dust bunnies.

Charlie LiebertCharlie Liebert
Charlie retired from a 33-year career in the Chemical industry in 1994 to take up speaking, teaching and writing. He’s conducted over 100 workshops and seminars about Science and Christian Apologetics including 12 for "Answers in Genesis.” In 1998-2008 he produced a one-hour, weekly TV show in Greensboro NC called "Creation Foundation Explanation”. Since 2004 he’s taught business subjects at an NC Community College, classroom and on-line. He’s been a member of Toastmaster since 2013. At age 70, he began a writing career, publishing 11 paperbacks and 14 E-books on Kindle.
Charlie and his wife Terry live in Carlisle.

Pam LordPam Lord w/illustrator Faith Reisinger
Wife of a retired officer, mother of two, a daughter and a son. Grandmother to two wonderful girls for whom the book was written. It won’t take long to realize she is an optimist. Her guardian grandfather shared a poem with her when she was a teenager. The title is “Never say die, say Damn.”
She enjoys nature and is always aware of the beauty around her, both up and down.
She often wonders the why of things and cares deeply about the environment. Being
dyslexic created issues growing up and still does today.

Kathryn Lee Martin




Kathryn Lee Martin
Kathryn Lee Martin, known as 'Ryn' by friends and colleagues, spends her days saddling up the literary horse and hitting the “what if” trails on a quest to tell the outlaws’ and underdogs’ stories. Not one to shy away from the darker side of stories for the older young adult audience, her works often explore impossible odds and dire futures, falling into a fusion of post-apocalyptic science fiction meets the gritty lawlessness of the old west with a dash of fantasy and steampunk. Putting her unfortunate characters in situations where faith and fighting often go hand in hand, she’s not afraid to make things difficult for them and when she’s not corrupting society on paper, she’s usually leading the rebellion to save it.

Sherry KnowltonSherry Knowlton is the award-winning author of the Alexa Williams suspense novels, Dead of Autumn, Dead of Summer and Dead of Spring. Retired from executive positions in state government and the health insurance industry, Sherry runs her own health care consulting business and travels
around the globe.

Sherry lives in the mountains of South Central Pennsylvania, where the Alexa Williams suspense series is set. She is a member of International
Thriller Writers, Sisters in Crime and Pennwriters.  Sherry and her work have been featured on Good Day PA, WITF (PBS)
Smart Talk, The Big Thrill, and The New York Times featured Sherry click here to view the article.

Richard SommersRichard J. Sommers’ newest book, Challenges of Command in the Civil War (hot off the press this summer), analyzes Civil War generals at Gettysburg, Antietam, and elsewhere. His 150th anniversary edition of Richmond Redeemed: The Siege at Petersburg earned the Army Historical Foundation’s Distinguished Writing Award as the best expanded reprint book of 2014 on Army history. An Army War College “Distinguished Fellow” and the Army Heritage and Education Center’s first “Senior Historian,” he served at AHEC, 1970-2014, and still teaches in AWC. A Carleton College graduate with a Rice University doctorate, he resides in Carlisle with his wife, Tracy.

Craig JurgensonCitizens of Brotherly LoveCraig Jurgensen contends that lots of his time as a physician over forty years involved writing - mainly medical biographies. After retirement in 2008, he widened his scope of literary interest and took up book writing - six of them to date. Pete Lyon will be participating in Craig’s place. Pete Lyon is of Rowe’s Print Shop.
In 2010 he published Tempo di Marcia (history of CPYB). In 2012 he wrote 20/twenty - the Neurology of Blindness. In 2013 he wrote Rounds with Jim (biography of Parkinson's disease). Most recently, he published Citizens of Brotherly Love, which details the relationship between Benjamin Rush and Absalom Jones, the first African American priest of the Episcopal Church. Dr. Jurgensen will be “in character” during Local Author’s Day, October 22.

Carol HaileCarol J. Haile
Carol has been writing whimsical stories since she was ten years old. She is also a nationally known calligrapher and PA German fraktur artist in the
tradition of her Schwenkfelder heritage.

In her first book, the widely popular The Christmas Story (Firenze Press, 2001), she illuminated the traditional words from the Biblical version of the first Christmas. In A Dream Vacation (Panda Bear Press, 2003), a 32 -page children's picture book set aboard Noah's Ark, Carol stepped out on her own as an author.

The Princess Tree, A Tale of Fairies, Elves & Magic (Firenze Press, 2005) is Carol’s third book and, significantly, the first she illustrated as well as authored. Carol then revisited Noah’s Ark with the publication of Elephant Overboard! (Firenze Press, 2007). Again, she not only wrote the 32-page children’s book, she boldly illustrated it as well.

Christmas Cows, a Mooving Alphabet (Firenze Press, 2013), Carol’s fifth book, is full of fun and fraktur. The Adventures of Anthony Mary Mouse (2015) is based on the life and times of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, and the story is available on DVD.

Her most recent book, The Grumpy Groundhogs (2017), is her third set aboard Noah’s Ark. A Life-Member of the Reading-Berks Guild of Craftsmen, Carol resides in Berks County, PA.

Chrysa SmithChrysa Smith
I was once a corporate communications guru, but of more interest is the fact that I’ve been writing magazine features for regional and national magazines for over 20 years--on everything from celebrity chefs and resorts to homing pigeons and
pot-bellied pigs.
About 10 years ago, people told me You've gone to the dogs, as I spent many fun hours observing, writing and speaking about some of my favorite four-legged companions. I travel to schools to teach children about the creative process and adults about the publishing process. The Adventures of the Poodle Posse five book transitional series and Once upon a Poodle picture book have been recipients of Mom's Choice Awards and a top pick on Amazon's Children's Bookshelf.

I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my family and own posse of poodles.

Fortress Publishing, Inc.Brian KoscienskiBrian Koscienski skulks the realms of south, central Pennsylvania. He developed a love of writing from countless hours of reading comic books and losing himself in the worlds and adventures found within their colorful pages. Together with his writing partner, Chris Pisano, they have logged many hours writing novels, stories, articles, comic books, reviews, and the occasional ridiculous haiku. If you happen to see either or both of them at one of the various conventions they participate in, feel free to stop by their table and say, “Hi.” They’re harmless!

Bruce MowdayBruce E. Mowday is an award-winning author and newspaper reporter. He has authored more than 15 books on history, sports, business and true crime. Mowday has appeared on the Discovery ID channel, CSPAN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network, Hollywood and Beyond, Whatcha Got, and Philadelphia and local television shows. Civil War Monitor magazine published a recent article by Bruce on Gettysburg.
Mowday has hosted his own radio shows, has been editor of magazines and was chairman of the Chester County Historical Society and president of the Brandywine Battlefield Park Associates. He is a former board member of the Valley Forge Park Alliance. He is a board member of the Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau. He is a frequent speaker at various civic and historical groups. For more information on Mowday, his
books and his schedule of events, see www.mowday.com.

Carlisle Crime CasesJody West
J.M. West taught composition and literature for forty years. She is Professor Emerita of English Studies at HACC in Gettysburg and former adjunct at Shippensburg University and Messiah College. She and her husband live near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. They have two sons, two
grandsons and a Border collie mix. In her spare time, West volunteers at The Bookery – Bosler Memorial Library's used bookstore, participates in the Litwits book group and Writing Critique Five, and reads voraciously.
West's first book, a rite of passage novel called Glory in the Flower, depicts four coeds who meet during the turbulent sixties. In Glory, she introduces two teenagers who resurface as adults in Dying for Vengeance.

To learn more about current books and future releases from J.M West, please follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CarlisleCrimeCases.

JEFF WOOD, Proprietor
Jeff will be selling books for the following authors:
William Kent Krueger, Jeff Shaara, Pam Lord, Kim van Alkemade, and other fine authors!

Olivia BerrierOlivia Berrier is often clueless and always shoeless. She left behind many footprints at Hollins University in Virginia, where she studied Creative Writing
and Mathematics. After college, her bare feet have carried her through many experiences, but her life remains anchored by writing. Olivia writes fantasy
fiction, sometimes with a mathematical inclination, and has been dropping stories like breadcrumbs across the Internet since 2007. Her most recent book
is a fantasy novelette called, "The Bard's Choice."
When she is not writing (and sometimes also when she is writing) Olivia is in love with candles, tea, yoga, running, snail-mail correspondence, napping, and memorizing the decimals of Pi. She also loves connecting with people who
share her love for the written word and the singular magic that it creates.

Joseph David CressJoseph David Cress is an award-winning journalist with over 25 years of
full-time newspaper experience. Since November 1998, he has worked as a staff reporter with The Sentinel in Carlisle. A Lebanon County native, Cress is the author of five books: Remembering Carlisle: Tales from the Cumberland Valley, Murder & Mayhem in Cumberland County, Murder & Mayhem in York County, Wicked Carlisle: The Dark Side of the Cumberland Valley and Hidden History of Cumberland County. He lives in Spring Garden Township, York County, with his wife Stacey, dogs Rosco and B'Elanna and cats Boone and

THE BOOK HOUSE in Dillsburg, PA
 11 N US Highway 15, Ste 5
 Dillsburg, Pennsylvania 17019

Mitzi JoHi I am Mitzi JO and I am the storyteller for A Doggy Davcare Day Books.

LuJean started training dogs in Texas in the 1970s.  She spent four years in the Air Force and 13 years with the post office before transferring to California in 1985 and started training animals for television.  It was on a trip home to Pennsylvania in 2003 that she found Mitzi Jo and fell in love with her.  She bought Mitzi Jo, who was 8 weeks old, and brought her back to California to live with her and the other eight dogs in her home.

After eighteen years as a studio trainer, Mitzi Jo and LuJean moved to Pennsylvania and opened a Dog Daycare for small dogs at their home.  Mitzi Jo now has a family pack of 6 dogs and many visiting dogs that she oversees.  She still gets to do an occasional commercial and looks forward to many book signings too.

Crave PressFrom title acquisition and development to editorial, design, promotion, sales, warehousing, and distribution, we are a
fully integrated publishing company. Crave Press is based in Leesport, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

David J. Reimer. Sr.David J. Reimer, Sr. is the author of two bestsellers, Courage Over Cancer and Craft and Micro Distilleries in the US and Canada; published by Crave Press which he coowns. David enjoys traveling the country, meeting fascinating people and discussing his works.

Also with Crave Press….

Christina J. SteffyChristina J. Steffy is the director of the learning commons and library at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences in Lancaster, Pa. She is also a freelance writer and editor as well as a peer-reviewer for the journal Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice. Steffy is currently working on a Master of Arts in Professional and Digital Media Writing at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Rutgers,
the State University of New Jersey, with a Master of Library and Information Science.
In addition to these degrees, she has bachelor’s degrees in English/professional writing
and speech communications from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Shand StringhamShand Stringham
Shand Stringham came to Carlisle Barracks with his family in 1993, where he spent his last five years of military service as a faculty member of the U.S. Army War College. Since retiring from active duty in 1998, Stringham has worked as a management consultant and a college adjunct professor, teaching courses on leadership and management. He has also been writing books. His published works include Gettysburg Revisited, History Quest, The Ancients, Benjamin Lockhart’s Animal Farm, and Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management. He and his wife now reside in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Facing The Mirror of Self-Truth and

The MirrorWilliam A. Stephens Jr. has written poetry from the countryside of Bavaria, Nuremberg, and Germany to the sands of Southwest Asia (Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia) and the rice paddies of South Korea. He has written poetry from Mt. Rainier, Fort Lewis, Washington, to Pikes Peak, Fort Carson, Colorado, to the home of the Field Artillery, Fort Still, Oklahoma, and the "Land of Oz" Fort Riley, Kansas, to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He was inspired during deployment after deployment and combat operation after combat operation. He is in receipt of the Major General Aubrey "Red" Newman Award and a member of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.

William A. Stephens, Jr.Carlisle, PA – From Europe to Asia to North America, he has witnessed the cruelty, agony, and harrowing effects of war, not just in society or physically but more so emotionally and mentally. Retired veteran William A. Stephens Jr. shares a raw, honest story of a combat veteran's struggle with severe post-traumatic stress disorder in "The Mirror".

Judy WalterJudy Walter
A graduate of Shippensburg State College, Judy S. Walter is a retired high school teacher. A multi-genre author, she has written eleven books including a series of cat books, a Holo-caust book, (Nightmare in Europe), a self-help book for indie authors - Simple Book Mar-keting. Her latest book is The Escape Artist: A Collection of Poems and Essays. Walter is also the founder and chairperson of an arts and craft show and a book festival in her hometown. She resides in PA.